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How much is a sex doll? 4 Price Ranges of suggestions

How much is a sex doll? Are you also eager to buy a doll of yourself?

Many boys have their own dolls, which is already an open secret. Some people also take pictures with their dolls and upload them to social forums for everyone to enjoy.

When you want to find a sex doll online in a store, you don’t know how much is a sex doll, the doll materials you see are nothing more than silicone and TPE, but the price is several times different.

How about buying silicone sex dolls? Should I buy a TPE sex doll? How much is a silicone sex doll? How much is a realistic sex doll? how much is a sex doll?

We believe many people are struggling with this problem. What factors caused the price such a huge difference between silicone and TPE?

The price range of sex dolls is very wide. Depending on the quality, the price of sex dolls ranges from tens to hundreds of thousands!

Based on differences in material, doll appearance, actual user experience, and work-life, the price of sex doll range is below $100, from $100 to $500, from $500 to $1000, from $1000 to $2000, and more than $2000.

If you live in the United States, first of all, congratulations, because we have a warehouse in Los Angeles, you can buy sex dolls on the market for about $2,000 at our store for $500 to $800.

how much is a sex doll

What is a sex doll?

Who invented the sex doll? Inflatable dolls were invented in the last century. In the beginning, they were mainly used for sexual intercourse to relieve people’s stress. The development of sex dolls to this day, sexual intercourse is only a small part of the function, more people regard the doll as a member of their lives, we have a customer who spent tens of thousands of dollars to customize a doll that looks the same as her, and dresses up her every day, go out and play, take photos and share them on the social network, and treat the doll as her owned daughter.

Sex Doll price

Before each customer buys their favorite doll, the price is always the first consideration. After all, buying a satisfactory doll is a big investment. If you don’t know much about the market, you may find out a lot of dolls with a price higher than $5,000. This may scare you because you don’t have so much budget. In fact, dolls have different price ranges, of course. Prices will also vary in quality. After that, we will introduce you to sex dolls in different price ranges.


Sex Dolls under $100

This is a very cheap doll, and also the most primitive doll. I believe that John has seen it.

In this price range, you can’t buy real sex dolls. Normally, you can only buy inflatable dolls or sex doll torsos.

The inflatable doll is completely supported by gas. Let us show you a photo first.

how much is a sex doll
Inflatable Doll

Inflatable dolls are inflatable as the name. When you buy it, there will be an inflator inside. The doll is breathless and the face is painted on. Although at first glance, there is no “appetite”. The advantage is that it is easy to carry and is the cheapest. The price is less than $100. This is also the best-selling one, with a monthly sales volume of around 1,000pcs.

It is also the easiest to produce. It can be produced in large quantities using the model. Once the model is out, as long as it does not leak, it will be basically completed after the later hairstyle, facial makeup, and skin processing.

Although the price of inflatable dolls is relatively cheap, the experience is also the worst. We believe that many people face an inflatable doll without any sexual desire at all. At the same time, inflatable dolls are very easy to damage and leak, so the work-life is basically within one or two months.

Sex Doll from $500 to $1000

In this price range, you can buy full-body dolls, but you will find that the dolls are basically in the height of 100-130cm or even smaller, or sex doll torso.

Many people like to name the dolls with a height in the range of 100-130CM as teen sex dolls, but in fact, after you buy and receive the dolls, you will find that the dolls in this range are much smaller than you thought. You may feel like you are having sex with a child’s toy.

teen sex doll
how much is a sex doll

Sex Doll in this price range does not have some important sexual organs, such as mouth, anus, etc., and they look very unreal.

In addition, there is the sex doll torso in this price range. The sex doll torso does not have a complete head, hands, and feet.

sex doll torso with big boobs full size
how much is a sex doll

As the name suggests, she has only one torso, but the solid dolls are mostly made of TPE or silicone, it’s soft and does not need to be inflated, so the sex experience is much better than inflatable dolls.

Sex Dolls in this price range have different prices according to different functions. The thickness of the doll is also different. The production process is more than that of the inflatable doll, that is, the solid silicone part requires the infusion of silicone, and the following procedures are the same.

The monthly sales volume of these dolls is about 500pcs.

bbw sex doll
how much is a sex doll

Sex Doll from $1000 to $2000

Most of the dolls on the market are in this price range.

This price is more in line with the psychological expectations of most people, basically acceptable, less than half a month’s salary of ordinary people. If you want to buy a silicone doll, but you are not very wealthy, it is recommended to choose dolls in this range. It is already very good and can meet our physiological requirements. This kind of sex doll is also very good, beautiful and realistic, we can buy all kinds of dolls that we like, which is very good.

Dolls in this price range are the most popular because most people can accept this price, and the doll’s realistic level can reach 90%. The material of this kind of sex doll is all silicone (silicone: silica hydrate, non-toxic and odorless, the same as the silica gel for rhinoplasty and breast augmentation), and their bodies are made of silicone or TPE, but they are more flexible than inflatable dolls. , More realistic.

There are steel frames inside the doll. The doll’s posture, face, and body are all designed by 3D designers. The head, arms, and thighs are all bendable. We only need to design different styles of doll’s posture, face, and body. Randomly assemble thousands of styles of “perfect girls”.

If you need to customize a doll in this price range, the normal period is about one month, and other functions can be added, such as heating the body, adding blood vessel lines on the skin of the doll, so that the doll will emit differently when you touch her. Of course, every time you add a feature, the price will increase.

The sales volume of dolls in this price range is far lower than the previous two dolls, with a monthly sales volume of about 100pcs.

WM dolls C-cup Young sex toy doll
how much is a sex doll

Sex Dolls over $2000

Relatively speaking, part of the dolls at this price is more famous brand dolls, such as WM DOLLS. We are also an agent of the WM DOLLS brand. You can search for WM DOLLs in our shop, and then choose the doll which you like to buy.

The other is advanced customized dolls. Like the customer we mentioned at the beginning, she doesn’t care how much is a sex doll. We make a doll exactly according to your appearance. The price of this type of doll is naturally more expensive, but the return you get is also super value. What you can have a unique feeling.

Customized dolls are currently not very common in the market. More and more people are willing to consume in this area, but it does not mean that they can accept high consumption. People who are willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars to customize a sex doll are still in the minority. They still care about how much is a sex doll.

As people’s become more and more open-minded, people no longer cover up when they mention sex toys, and they don’t have to go to the “hidden” mom-and-pop shop at the end of the street to buy a silicone doll. The market demand has begun to increase, and it continues to increase.

We conducted a survey based on online data and showed that: “The online purchase of adult products has increased by 50% annually, and it is estimated that there will be 30 million people in 2021. The main consumer is young and middle-aged, especially men. Among them, 18-29 year-olds buy Those aged 30 to 39 accounted for 65%; those aged 30 to 39 accounted for 26%.” This means that purchasers under the age of 40 account for more than 90% of the consumption of adult products.

I believe that after reading our introduction, you already know which price range of dolls to buy, and you know how much is a sex doll. So start choosing your doll and start a new life.

You also can check the SoSexDoll youtube channel for more information about how much is a sex doll.

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