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Accept Payments

Accepting payments on a website can be a key part of running an online business. It allows customers to easily purchase our sex dolls and services. There are several different payment options that we can offer to our customers, including Credit Card Payment, PayPal, Klarna, Afterpay, Affirm, and Bank Transfers.

Credit Card Payment

Credit card payment is our most recommended payment method. It’s fast, convenient, and allows customers to easily make purchases, if you don’t want to enter your bank account information, you can pay with Apply Pay or Google Pay. That’s right, we accept Apply Pay and Google Pay too.

Don’t worry about that, credit card payment is 100% secure and discreet. You will only see “Online Mall” in your bank or credit card statements and there is not any sexy information. So even if other people accidentally see your bill, they won’t know exactly what products you purchased.


We know that more than 50% of customers want to pay with PayPal. Unfortunately, PayPal has a rather strict policy, they do not allow payments for small dolls, and also have strict requirements for other sex toys payment, so the fund of PayPal merchant is often held on, in order to make it easier to complete the entire purchase process, we have to regret to stop receiving payments through PayPal, we are waiting for PayPal’s new policy to be released, maybe we will reconsider using PayPal to receive money again.

Klarna, Afterpay, Affirm

Buy now, pay later(BNPL) is very popular in the world now, we are very glad to tell you that we have accepted BNPL payments now, but due to the same policy as PayPal, all BNPL payments are not acceptable for dolls below 140cm, We encourage you to pay with your credit card for the dolls under 140cm, but don’t worry about that, please choose the Klarna | Afterpay | Affirm option when you place your order, we will send you the payment link via [email protected], you can still pay with Credit Card or BNPL through our payment link!

Bank Transfer

If you want to transfer funds to our bank, please send email to [email protected], we will supply our US bank account for you.