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In Stock (USA)


All the Sex Dolls are in stock in the U.S.

In order to develop the U.S. market, we have rented an overseas warehouse in the U.S. to store our sex dolls, and we have shipped stocks of various sizes and head types that are best sellers in the U.S. market.

Advantages of stocking dolls

1. Quality guaranteed.

2. Price is very advantageous.

3. Normal delivery 3 – 5 days to the customer, can be delivered the next day (need to add shipping cost).

4. No more worrying about all the trouble of customs.

The sex dolls in stock are much cheaper compared to other dolls because the dolls in stock are shipped by us in advance by sea to our warehouse in the U.S. This avoids the high shipping costs and we want to get you the best quality dolls at the best price.

Of course, because it is shipped in advance to the US warehouse, you can find not many customizable features for the dolls in stock, but the dolls we ship over are the most popular options on the market, such as BBW sex dolls, if you definitely need to customize some features, please choose a custom sex doll and we will send it out for you from China.