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Where can you buy a silicone sex doll that is good and cheap?

For those who do not have a partner around, is it possible to buy a silicone doll to solve the problem, but where to buy a silicone sex doll that is good and cheap?

Many people like to buy Japanese dolls overseas, and want to make silicone sex dolls look like real people, but not everyone can go to Japan to buy them, so today China Adult Products Information will introduce you to domestic purchase methods. You can buy a silicone sex doll that is good and cheap from China.

In fact, the purchase of physical dolls can be done based on personal circumstances, price, brand, and positioning at home and abroad. Let’s talk about these three aspects in detail below.

buy a silicone sex doll is good and cheap

where can you buy a silicone sex doll that is good and cheap

Price of sex doll that is good and cheap

Actual sex dolls are actually divided into 3 categories.

The first one: Silicone sex doll that is good and cheap

This kind of doll has a high degree of simulation and its price is higher than other dolls along with the cost of raw materials. Take a 158CM doll as an example. The average price of a silicone sex doll is about $2,000.

If the doll is lower than this price, it can be regarded as rubbish.

But the advantages of silicone dolls are also many,

1. Emulation

This can be said to be a recognized advantage. In terms of the proportions of the body and the structure of the head sculpted face, it can be said to be almost 1:1 highly simulated, and it is more acceptable. It will not be known to be fake at a glance (of course the price Determines the degree of simulation)

2. Low oil output

Good silicone dolls are almost non-oily, refreshing to the touch, and not easy to stain (the essence of the stick is loosened, I mean it is not easy, not non-staining).

3. Small taste

The smell of silicone dolls can be said to be negligible. Only when you are close can you smell a faint vanilla scent, and it will not spread to the entire room. This smell will only be found when you are close (but if the price is particularly close to the people, this is When I didn’t say it.)

buy a silicone sex doll is good and cheap

where can you buy a silicone sex doll that is good and cheap

Silicone dolls also have their own shortcomings.

1. If the doll is all silicone, the feedback it brings to us on the skin touch is hard.

This is a problem with the material of the silicone itself, which can hardly be changed.

2. Poor repairability,

Baby friends who have bought silicone dolls probably know that once some operation errors or accidental scratches will cause the doll’s body to tear and damage. (This is also the problem of hard raw materials) This kind of laceration cannot be repaired. Moreover, in the production process, the raw materials cannot be used after they are used, which invisibly causes the basic cost of silicone dolls.

3. The clamping line is obvious.

This is also a problem that many baby friends can encounter. After receiving the doll with great joy, I found that there was a circle of parting lines on the doll, which looked weird. In fact, this kind of problem occurs because of the unrepairable nature of raw materials, which makes it impossible to handle cleanly.

buy a silicone sex doll is good and cheap

where can you buy a silicone sex doll that is good and cheap

TPE sex doll that is good and cheap

The price of TPE dolls is much lower than that of silicone dolls, so most of the dolls commonly chosen by the public are still TPE dolls, and physical dolls are first among the ranks of sex toys. Therefore, most users choose physical dolls based on the starting point of the X tool.

And the price of TPE dolls is generally consistent with the conventional consumption level of Chinese people.

Generally, the price of a few TPE dolls is around 3000+ to 4000+. The price below this may be a matter of raw material selection.

As mentioned before, the raw materials of silicone dolls cannot be used twice, but TPE can. For this reason, many unscrupulous businesses use the secondary waste from other factories to produce dolls, thereby reducing costs.

sex doll that is good and cheap

where can you buy a silicone sex doll that is good and cheap

But the advantages of TPE sex doll that is good and cheap are still there.

1. High softness,

It is also the reason for the body of the raw material that contributes to the softness of the product after molding.

2. Repairability.

Accidents may occur when the doll is used, posing for shooting or cleaning, causing damage to the skin of the doll. For dolls made of TPE, special repair agents can be used to repair the damage of the dolls. This is also an advantage of TPE dolls.

3. High-cost performance.

It is also a matter of raw materials. Due to the repeatability, the cost is reduced. Thereby reducing the selling price.

After talking about the advantages, let’s also talk about the disadvantages.

1. Large oil output.

Anyone who has used TPE dolls knows that when the doll is placed on the sofa, there will be a mimeograph. This is because there is oil in the ingredient list during the production process, which leads to a phenomenon in which the TPE doll is producing oil. The commonly used solution is to apply talcum powder (prickly heat powder) to the doll to suppress the oil output (the second material has a larger oil output)

2. The smell is big.

The smell of TPE dolls is generally stronger than that of silicone dolls due to the material. It’s the flavor of ice cream mixed with gum (I actually think it smells good) but it is not so smoky, and it will also contain some floral scents.

3. Easy to dye.

TPE dolls will stain when wearing dark clothing due to grease. Therefore, in many cases, we recommend choosing light-colored clothing for the dolls.

The third kind of happiness doll

This kind of doll is actually the first inflatable doll to evolve into a physical doll. Its advantage lies in its lightness. The price is low. Apart from these two, there are almost no advantages. Since it is a product of the past tense, I won’t say more.

sex doll that is good and cheap

where can you buy a silicone sex doll that is good and cheap

Brand of sex doll that is good and cheap

It can be said that there are many brands of physical dolls from domestic to foreign so that novices are dazzled to buy.

These brands are also roughly divided into two categories, one is TPE dolls and the other is silicone dolls.

There are many more manufacturers of TPE dolls than silicone dolls. After all, the technical level is also different, the production cost is also different, and it is difficult to make silicone dolls if the core technology is not good enough. only

If some of the famous domestic TPE doll manufacturers have relatively mature technology, for Mengxin, these dolls can guarantee the quality, and there will be no “balloon baby” and “tuition baby”.

There are relatively few manufacturers of silicone dolls.

The technology of some well-known domestic silicone doll manufacturers is also relatively formed. They are also the best choice for advanced baby friends.

Many domestic and foreign manufacturers have just mentioned many large domestic manufacturers, but because Japan is the country of origin of sex toys, Japan has many technologies that are higher than domestic manufacturers, including Yotsuki, ROGNDOLL, and 4woods. They are all major Japanese brands, and the high technical prices are beyond the reach of most people.

In fact, in general, the domestic physical doll industry is also developing well, so according to personal preferences and budget, many brands are also available for everyone to choose from.

Based on ensuring the quality, the main thing is to look at your face. The baby you like is the best for you.

Where can I buy a silicone sex doll that is good and cheap?

In fact, there is no unified answer to this question. The production materials are different, so the price will be different. In addition, the details are different, and the price will also be quite different.

Aliexpress Amazon is also possible, but it should be noted that many inflatable doll shops sell inflatable dolls that hang silicone dolls. There are also so-called semi-physical. Semi-physical is thin somersault and feet are physical. Other places are still inflatable dolls. The inflatable doll experience is not good. Dolls above 140cm and below 1,000 are inflatable dolls.

The most cost-effective way is to directly find the manufacturer, the transaction is safe, the quality is good, and the real thing is checked before buying. It won’t let you toss back and forth, replacing hope with disappointment. Because now they can all be shipped on behalf of others, so some treasures are much more expensive than manufacturers. As a manufacturer, they ship on behalf of them, so the price is naturally very low, and the things are the same.

For dolls sold online, because there are a lot of links and costs less in the middle, the relative price is slightly lower. Where can I buy a silicone sex doll is good and cheap? This is only a relative situation. There may be some differences when purchasing, and you need to take a closer look. No matter where you buy it, you must pay attention to the quality, as well as the shape, etc. The cost is high, and the price is usually not low.

Where can I buy a silicone sex doll is good and cheap? If you can find the manufacturer, you can directly find the manufacturer to make it. If you can’t find it, you can go to As a kind of personal product, the selection of materials, workmanship, and body shape of silicone dolls will affect the user’s experience and physical and mental health. It is recommended to choose senior and old brand products, the quality and after-sales are guaranteed, and don’t be greedy for small and cheap!

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