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Where to Hide Sex Doll?

Where to hide sex doll? Sex dolls are lifelike silicone dolls that can be used for sexual pleasure. They are designed to resemble real women in terms of their size, weight, shape, skin tone, hair color, eye color, breast size, waist-hip ratio, and other physical characteristics. These dolls are usually created to be sexually appealing through the use of realistic features and life-like proportions. Many new buyers purchase a sex doll for themselves, but they don’t know where to hide sex dolls.

Follow us, we will tell you where to hide sex doll is the best secret place.

Lifelike Smart Robot Sex Doll

Where to Hide Sex Doll?

1. In your closet

You can keep your sex dolls hidden in your closet. You can use a box or a plastic bag to cover them. If you are worried about someone seeing them, then you can put them inside a shoe box.

2. Under the bed

If you have a large bedroom, you can place your sex dolls under the bed. Make sure that they are covered well with blankets. This way, no one will know what’s underneath. This is probably the best place to hide your sex doll under the bed. You can easily pull out the mattress and put the doll underneath without anyone noticing. This way, no one will know that you have a sex doll hidden away in your room.

where to hide sex doll

3. In the bathroom

You can store your sex dolls in the bathroom. Cover them with towels and make sure that nobody sees them. If you are worried about people finding out about your secret love doll, then this is the perfect spot to keep her safely tucked away. If someone comes into the bathroom while you are using the toilet, they won’t notice anything amiss.

3. In the kitchen

You can hide your sex doll in plain sight in your kitchen. Put her inside a box or bag and cover her up with some other items from the kitchen. Make sure she’s not visible though!

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