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How To Have Sex With Sex Doll?

How to have sex with sex doll, although they aren’t particularly sexy, especially since you are just blowing off steam! I don´t want that kind of experience. The thing is though, it really is not going anywhere anytime soon.

How to have sex with sex doll Dolly Parton (1993) – “You like this? How about it?” My heart sank. Dolly may be my favorite part of her, but I wanted nothing more than for the camera and me just hanging out naked together without any special instructions from an expert in male genitalia or a bunch at your local high school who actually knows what he’s talking down there on their phone. If you’ve been planning this experiment all along, please understand that.

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How To Have Sex With Sex Doll?

Please note the following points:

1. Make sure that your sex doll has a vagina. This is the only way you can have sex with her. If she doesn’t have a vagina, then you cannot have sex with her.

2. You need to make sure that your sex doll’s vagina is clean. You don’t want any bacteria getting into her vagina while having sex with her.

how to have sex with sex doll

3. Put some lube on your penis before you start fucking your sex doll. Lubrication makes everything go much smoother.

4. When you are ready to fuck your sex doll, put your dick inside her vagina. Don’t worry if it hurts at first. Just keep going until you feel comfortable doing this.

5. Once you’re done, pull out your dick and let your cum drip down onto her stomach.

6. Clean yourself off after you’ve finished fucking your sex doll.

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