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How to clean silicone sex doll for 3 steps?

Many people do not know how to clean silicone sex dolls and how to clean inflatable dolls after they have been used. This is the correct one, which caused a lot of confusion.

Doing a good job in the maintenance of silicone dolls is really not just a simple process. Many people throw them aside after using them and continue to use them next time. Some people even never take care of the hygiene of silicone dolls.

How to clean silicone sex doll

First step.

We scrub the body of the silicone sex doll with warm water, then use a dry towel to absorb the excess water, and then spread the body powder with the talcum powder we distribute to ensure the body’s lubrication.

The washer delivered by the manufacturer is used to clean the lower body. Let warm water be injected into the body. It is recommended to pour a small amount of disinfectant into the warm water when washing the lower body or the famous device. This can have a sterilization effect and ensure that you use more Safer and more hygienic.

In addition, for some special silicone dolls, you should pay more attention when cleaning them. First, keep your head away from water. So as not to see the water from the neck leading to the safety procedure.

The second part is to clean the face of a silicone doll. The most important thing is to avoid eyelashes in the process of facial cleansing. So as not to pull off the eyelashes.

The third part is to clean the hands of silicone dolls. Try not to open your nails to avoid falling off.

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